20 Flat Wedding Shoes (Just As Chic As Heels)

As much as we love all the glamour and height we get rocking a pair of sky-high heels, there is something so chic and pretty about a pair of bridal flats. They’re comfy, they’re practical, and a carefully chosen pair to tie in with your wedding day style will be entirely gorgeous too. When you’re […]

How to Find a Wedding Venue Online

Finding your dream wedding venue is no small task, and sometimes, it feels like there’s no one-stop shop to find that perfect place to say “I do”. But hey, don’t fret! The online world is packed with resources that make the hunt easier, and we’ve got the scoop on the top sites for finding wedding […]

22 Diamond-Alternative Gemstones For Engagement Rings

Diamonds may be some girls’ best friend, but they’re not for everyone. Yes, they’re beautiful, durable, sparkly and timeless. But, they’re also rather expensive and perhaps a little too classic if you’re the kind of bride or groom who wants to wear something different on your ring finger. If you’re on the hunt for a unique […]

10 Ethereal Wedding Dress Designs for the Dreamy Bride

Today, we’re drifting into the mesmerizing realm of Kamperett, a brand renowned for its ethereal elegance and sophisticated designs. Kamperett’s dream-like creations, including their ethereal wedding dress designs, tell stories of grace, charm, and individuality, perfectly marrying tradition with unique expression. In this special feature, we spotlight ten of Kamperett’s breath-taking wedding dresses, each embodying the […]